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Well folks....after close to 2 years of making music together we are ready to record our debut album!  We've got the songs ready, studio time reserved, and are excited to get started! So what's left?  Well, as I'm sure you know this is a fairly expensive process if done right.  That's why we have decided to team up with you our family, friends, and fans! We are starting a Kickstarter Project with awards setup for each backer.

This is by no means a donation but a partnership where you will receive rewards that are exclusive to this project.  Please click on the picture above to watch our video, view our levels of contribution, and share with your family/friends.  The clock has started! After 30 days, on Dec 2nd at 9pm if we have not met our goal we get nothing and no one is charged a penny.  We cannot do this without your assistance.  As always we appreciate y'all!


Click on the picture above to view our Kickstarter Project.